Report: Anonymous to unleash bombshell on Ted Cruz ahead of Tuesday vote. DETAILS

Hacktivist organization Anonymous has alleged that they have shocking information on Ted Cruz that they will reveal ahead of the Arizona and Utah primaries, with shocking results.

According to sources, Anonymous has information relating to a “possible” Prostitution Ring. Some are dismissing this as out of hand, but others are reporting on some juicy details.

In the video, a mysterious voice delivers a chilling message to Ted Cruz telling him he has 24 hours to drop out of the 2016 presidential race or details about his alleged secret involvement with a prostitution ring will be leaked. But why is Anonymous taking aim at Ted Cruz and threatening to expose his alleged prostitution ring secrets?

Anonymous has accused Ted Cruz of spreading lies and they believe his level of deceit has gotten “out of control.” The chilling voice also detailed some of the fraudulent practices Ted Cruz has allegedly been involved in throughout the course of his presidential campaign. In fact, Anonymous claims Ted Cruz’s lies have gone so far that he must suffer consequences for deceiving Americans.

“Your lying during this presidential campaign has gotten out of control,” the chilling video begins. The voice alleges, “You have committed voter fraud to steal votes that do not belong to you … The fraud you have committed against Mr. [Ben] Carson will not be tolerated.”

“Anonymous will not let this go without repercussions or consequences,” the video states. “We will not sit and watch the citizens of America fall for it any longer.”

The video concludes with a final ultimatum for Ted Cruz, reiterating the initial warning. “Mr. Cruz, we are now demanding that you exit this race within 24 hours, or Anonymous will release all of the information we have found … Your so-called underground hacks that you think were done in the dark will be brought out for all the public to see …Your disgusting behavior … will go viral on every social media platform.”

Others claim they have information relating to Ted Cruz’s multinational ties.

Anonymous is a collective of hackers, activists, and computer programmers that have taken the world by storm with their revelations, protests, and secrecy.

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