REPORT: Insider Exposes Disturbing Truth About Obama and Iran Deal… It’s Uglier Than We Thought

President Barack Obama’s infamous deal with Iran regarding the rogues nation’s nuclear weapons program has been heavily criticized by conservatives and foreign policy experts.

But, a recent New York Times Magazine interview with Ben Rhodes, Obama’s national security advisor, revealed that aspects of the embarrassingly terrible deal were even worse than we all thought.

The White House manipulated the media into believing and reporting Obama’s narrative about the Iran deal, even when that narrative was contradictory to the actual facts, according to Rhodes.

According to Obama’s narrative about the deal, the nuclear agreement with the mullahs became possible in 2013 when political revolution led to the election of “moderates” under Hassan Rouhani. It was then that negotiations with the Islamic Revolutionary regime over the nuclear program finally become possible, and the possibility of a deal between the nations came into focus.

However, Rhodes admitted in the interview that little of this narrative, which was force-fed to the American people through the mainstream media, was actually true.

Obama’s push to seal the nuclear deal with the Iranians actually predated the rise of President Rouhani. In fact, Obama had been pushing for a deal with the Iranians since 2012, and some advisers said that it was a priority as soon as he took office in 2008.

This false narrative was designed to “sell” the deal to the American media and, ultimately, the public, who were skeptical about making any deals with a nation that has openly called for the obliteration of Israel, our strongest ally in that corner of the world.

At the time, critics accused Obama of wanting to make the deal regardless of the cost, not caring what was really in it, and viewing Republicans as a bigger obstacle than the Iranians — all of which Rhodes essentially confirmed as true in the interview.

When the interview was published, many were shocked that someone in the president’s inner circle would dare make such a scathing admission about the integrity of the Obama administration.

His statements went well beyond “mere candor” and “its tone would normally be something that a White House insider would save for a memoir published years after leaving office,” the Observer noted about the shocking interview.

Rhodes has remained in his position at the White House, but it’s unlikely that he will be allowed to talk freely with the media anymore, as this revelation is sure to be a major stain on Obama’s reputation.

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