Report – Trump Accuser In NYT Hit Piece Linked to Clinton Foundation

Things just got a lot more interesting regarding the woman that accused Donald Trump of molesting her in first class on a plane.

According to the tweet below, both Jessica Leeds, the woman making the allegation, and the Clinton Foundation have the same phone number…

This source has not yet been confirmed, so we are not celebrating yet, but if it is proven to be true, Hillary Clinton and company could end up being in significant trouble.

The problem with this particular source is the number is blurred out on the Jessica Leeds page for some reason, so we don’t know if the number is just common until the last four numbers or not.

However, there is another aspect of her story that tends to put some doubt in her claims.

Several online sources have posted pictures of first class sections of planes from the 80s, and none of them have arm rests that can actually be moved.

The look more like the center console of a car rather than what we now see on airplanes. Considering that is a key part to her story, her tale is really starting to fall apart.

My only hope now is that the researcher in the tweet is not just an overzealous Trump fan that realized the numbers were close through the area code and first three numbers and tried to create a headline by blurring out the final four numbers.

I tried to find the same information and was not successful. But, even if their claim gets debunked, I think people are onto something with the actual seats from those planes. In addition to that error, we have to ask why nobody else in first class said anything or has come forward to back up her story.

I have also tweeted to the person that published the story and if they respond, I will post the tweet here.

It sounds to me like we may need to get some seating charts from that flight and talk to everyone else in first class that day to find out what really happened!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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