Reporter Asks Trump About $6 Million For Vets… He Shows This Piece Of Paper

Earlier in the Republican presidential primary process, during the height of Donald Trump’s feud with Fox News, the billionaire businessman skipped a major debate and held a fundraiser for veterans at the same time to compete with it.

At the time, it was announced that Trump had garnered commitments for donations to a variety of veterans groups equaling roughly $6 million.

That figure had been challenged by the liberal media and Trump’s detractors, so he held a press conference Tuesday morning in Trump Tower to give an update regarding how much money had actually been donated and where those donations were routed, according to Fox News.

Trump revealed that the total committed donations that actually came through equaled about $5.6 million, and declared that nearly “all of the money has been paid out.”

Knowing that the press would ask for further proof, Trump made up a list of the veterans groups that had received a portion of the donations raised by the event.

The list contained the names of more than 40 veterans groups alongside the amount of funds donated to their cause, ranging anywhere from $15,000 for the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust to $1.1 million for the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.

Trump explained that his organization has been carefully vetting the various veterans groups over the past several months, which is why there had been a delay in the disbursement of donated funds.

He also declared that more donations could still be coming in, and predicted that the final total would be above the original estimate of $6 million.

There is little question that Trump loves this country and loves the veterans who have fought to defend it. The details he released today regarding his fundraiser for veterans groups only serves to prove that he is capable of putting his money where his mouth is and will follow through on what he says he will do.

And that the liberal media is not to be trusted — although we probably didn’t need any more proof of that.

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