Residents Terrified After Muslim Police Official Reveals Plan for City

A Muslim chief police inspector of the second-largest urban area in the United Kingdom shocked constituents this weekend when he said on social media that freedom of speech does not include “freedom of offending culture, religion or tradition.”

Chief Inspector Umer Khan, a top police figure in Greater Manchester, made the comments this weekend. According to Breitbart, alarmed free speech campaigners then questioned the police official about what he meant.

Khan proceeded to apologize for campaigners saying that they should be able to offend for any “offence cause” (spelling and dodgy grammar both British), arguing that “free speech should be used to promote tolerance & respect all.”

You may perhaps notice that Khan’s definition is the very opposite of free speech inasmuch as it’s insanely defined speech. In fact, one would guess that his idea of “promot(ing) tolerance” would be a very liberal one, which means he’s essentially promoting the Shariah standard of prosecution when speaking critically about Islam or the Prophet (may peace be upon him, just in case Khan is reading this and I ever want to go see a Manchester United game).

“(The statement regarding free speech) was a thought after a moving visit to Auschwitz,” Khan added.

Apparently, speech critical of radical Islam or Islamic law could theoretically be just as bad as a Nazi death camp where millions of Jews and other prisoners were gassed to death.

Remember, this guy is a chief inspector in the Greater Manchester area, the second largest conurbation in all of Albion. Decisions he makes could literally determine whether you live or die. Feeling safe yet, Manchester?


You might think that that the Greater Manchester Police would take a dim view of Chief Inspector Khan’s remarks. And unfortunately, you’d be wrong.

“I don’t think we support anyone who would want to say anything offence (sic),” a spokesman with Greater Manchester Police said in a statement to Breitbart.

“It’s a storm in a tea cup … It’s about promoting tolerance, freedom of speech, that’s all he meant with it. He didn’t mean for it to be taken in an offensive way at all … it’s ironic, freedom of speech is what he’s now getting in trouble for,” the statement continued.

No, he’s getting in trouble for a) saying he would take away others’ freedom of speech and b) having the badge and rank, and thus the authority, to do so should he so choose. What cocktail of pills and powders would a member of the Greater Manchester Police press office have to consume out of the evidence room for them to issue a statement saying Khan’s tweet was “about promoting tolerance, freedom of speech?”

Nobody with the Greater Manchester Police was immediately willing to answer this question, although I could have sworn I heard a loud snorting noise right before one of the people I called hung up on me.

This isn’t the first time Khan has made similarly sketchy remarks, either. Last year, speaking at the Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester, he seemed to intimate that a lack of “peace” and “harmony” could represent a hate crime.

“I am proud to be a police officer working in Greater Manchester and proud to be a Muslim. We all need to respect each other’s religions,” Khan said on that occasion.

“Sadly, what is happening in other parts of the world is now coming to impact on the streets of our local communities where we like to think there is supposed to be peace, harmony, respect and tolerance.”

Yep, you’d better be tolerant, all you Mancunians. If not, the police are going to visit to make sure that you’re tolerant!

Look, tolerance is a great thing, so long as it doesn’t come at the price of truth, freedom or reason. Sometimes, truth, freedom or reason can be uncomfortable. When it becomes particularly uncomfortable for a certain group, the intolerance of liberal “tolerance” tends to crack down in the most disgusting of ways, including using the strong arm of the law.

Those who find Chief Inspector Khan’s comments vile — and let there be no mistake, if you value freedom, they couldn’t be more vile — aren’t doing so because they’re bigots. They’re not doing so because they’re Islamophobes.

It’s because they’ve seen where this brand of “tolerance” leads to — the extinguishing of rights that those in the West have fought and died for over a period of hundreds of years.

I and many others refuse to have them snuffed out because of someone’s feelings. Please like and share on Facebook and Twitter if you agree.

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