Restaurant owner threatened for attending Trump rally

Tucson- More fallout from Donald Trump’s visit to Tucson as protesters call for the boycott of a local business.

The Rivas family has spent the last 20 years building a restaurant business from the ground up.  Now that business is being threatened because Betty Rivas dared to attend the Donald Trump rally on Saturday.

Hoping to get Donald Trump’s attention she made a sign “Latinos Support D. Trump”. It worked.

“Surprise to me he said, I love you darling”, said Rivas, “Donald Trump is a little funny, and he said c’mon, c’mon and I go up and say hi and that’s it.”

Rivas said she wanted to hear what Donald Trump had to say. She said she also attended the Bernie Sanders rally. But word of her Trump appearance soon spread on Facebook and the comments followed. Many called for a boycott of her business, Sammy’s Mexican Grill in Catalina. Other comments were more threatening. And then the phone started ringing at her restaurant, hundreds of calls that included threats of violence.

“The bad messages came today, in the morning it started, when I come here to the restaurant”, Rivas said, “The phone is ringing, stupid things only.”

Carolyn Lukensmeyer, from the National Institute for Civil Discourse in Washington D.C, said America is heading in a dangerous direction.

“We can’t continue to allow this escalation”, said Lukensmeyer, “I actually think the best thing that can be done is for as many Americans to speak out and stand up to say this is not what we should be doing.”

Rivas is from Mexico and her husband is from El Salvador. The couple has they’ve spent the last two decades making the most of the rights we have in this country, including free speech, no matter what language it comes in.

“I want to tell the Latino community that I’m not a racist. I love Mexico. I’m a Mexican”, said Rivas, “I never thought Donald Trump would have called me up to say hello.”

The Rivas’ started their business with a lunch wagon. Four years ago they were finally able to build Sammy’s Mexican Grill in Catalina.

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