REVEALED: Bill O’Reilly Exposes The Globalist: „ WAKE UP! We Are In A War!”

Forget what the globalists driving us all headlong into a hell pit say. We are most certainly at war. Shocking rhetoric?

However, globalist’s like French President Francois Hollande and U.S. President Barack Obama would have us all behave as sitting ducks, just fodder for the revolving door of repackaged horror. Blaming the carnage on lone wolf attacks and controlling the narrative right down to the very language we are allowed to use as we all face certain doom.

The narrative HAS to change or more innocent people will die. Anthony Freda writes “Perhaps instead of lying after every act of Jihad and saying that Islam is a religion of peace and that terrorists are perverting Islam, Obama and his cohorts should tell the truth and express the fact that these horrific acts are sanctioned by Islamic dogma.”

At least 84 dead in Nice, France after a Tunisian living in France rented a 19-ton refrigerated truck that he used to kill at least 84 people and critically injure 50 more. 10 of those killed were children. All of this on Bastille Day, the French Independence Holiday.

The irony in this attack is probably still lost on most people, because most people can’t see from the jihadist perspective. The attack in Nice was an expression of the coming caliphate’s own independence.

And even the true atrocity of the attacks themselves have been scrubbed as not to offend the Muslims and more importantly not to push the growing worldwide populist movement over the edge.

Paul Joseph Watson writes “ …newly released documents from a parliamentary inquiry into the November 13 ISIS massacre in Paris that claimed the lives of 130 people.

The documents discuss reports of hokw some Bataclan victims had their testicles cut off and stuffed in their mouth, a common atrocity committed by jihadist militants across the Middle East.

Other victims were “gutted” or “decapitated” while others had their eyes gouged out as Islamists filmed the gruesome scenes.”

How much longer can we endure this jihad by emigration, this attack on free speech by the tech world, this collusion of globalist collapse strategy with our own Federal government. As a one sided war ramps up on us? How much more horror can we endure before we finally wrestle the deceptive narrative back to the foxhole of truth? Make no mistake about it, treason stinks to high Heaven and we are at War.

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