Revealed: Here’s The 1 Thing That REALLY Led To Hillary Getting Caught With Personal Email Server

Hillary Clinton’s emails have been the subject of much debate since it came to light that she used a private email server when she was Secretary of State. The FBI has launched a criminal investigation into the matter, even though Clinton herself guarantees she won’t be indicted over the matter.

The story has been making headlines for almost a year, and it began with a seemingly innocent 2012 news photo of Clinton checking her BlackBerry while on a trip during her time as Secretary.

State Department official Karin Lang confirmed under oath this week that officials within the department who handle open records requests didn’t even know Clinton was using email at all as Secretary of State and only began to suspect she might be after the BlackBerry picture was discovered.

Even after that, however, the department’s IT office knew she didn’t use an official email account, but nobody bothered to ask if she was using a personal account.

Clarence Finney, who processed Freedom of Information Act requests at the time, says he “was not aware of e-mail usage by the former secretary,” Lang said under oath.

“When Mrs. Clinton’s photo appeared in the media with her using — appearing to use some sort of a mobile device, Clarence Finney checked with [the IT office] to confirm whether the answer was still that she did not have a e-mail account,” she said.

Since Clinton was operating on a private server, the answer was indeed still no.

Lang’s questioning was part of a lawsuit filed by conservative legal watchdog Judicial Watch, who had been given permission to interview numerous former Clinton aides.

Another State Department official, Lewis Lukens, testified earlier that he believed Clinton was using email exclusively for “family and friends,” but not for professional purposes.

During Lang’s interview, she admitted the State Department is at the mercy of the word of Clinton and her longtime aide Huma Abedin that all of Clinton’s work-related emails have been turned over and they don’t know for sure if they have.

“The department is relying on the representations of these former employees,” Lang said.

h/t: The Hill

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