REVEALED – Here’s The SICK Thing Hillary Said She Wanted To Do to Bill’s Sex Victims

It’s been said many times before that Hillary Clinton is a slash-and-burn politician who will do and say anything to achieve her goals and demolish those who stand between her and what she feels is rightfully hers. Clinton’s political savagery was again highlighted by a New York Times story that showed how she reacted to the exposure of Gennifer Flowers’s 12-year affair with then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton.

Not only did Clinton not target her philandering, serial sexual abusing husband, but she went after the media, Republicans, and Flowers. According to a reporter traveling with her then, Clinton said of Flowers, “I would crucify her” in front of a jury, as per

This is an untraditional response from a wife who just found out allegations of her husband’s affair had been legitimized. While most women would be devastated by their husband’s betrayal, Clinton was devastated by what the news might do to her political career.

This is standard operating procedure for Hillary Clinton. In the aftermath of Bill Clinton’s many affairs and sexual assaults, she has routinely calculated the damage politically, crafting plans to salvage her political viability instead of reacting in what would be considered a “normal” manner.

As Megan Twohey wrote in the New York Times, Hillary Clinton embraced her husband’s campaign strategy of confronting the allegations of sexual “arrangements” and sexual assault with an aggressive counterattack against the accusers.

The many women who would come forward would become targets of smear and intimidation, all by the hand of Hillary Clinton. These tactics are routinely denounced by women’s rights advocates as abusive and misogynistic.

With regard to Flowers, by the time Bill Clinton finally admitted to “sexual relations” with Flowers, coming years after the 12-year affair had ended, Clinton aides and Hillary Clinton herself had used stories collected by a private investigator to smear Flowers as a “bimbo” and a “pathological liar,” neither of which being true.

In a perfect example of how Hillary Clinton displaces her anger in order to protect her political career, Flowers reasserted her claims at a news conference the day after Bill Clinton admitted to the affair, this time playing audiotape excerpts from her calls with Bill Clinton. On the recordings, the two could be heard discussing the attention the “rumors” were getting. The allegations were proven true.

Gail Sheehy, a journalist traveling with Hilary Clinton at the time, recalled that after seeing the Flowers news conference while on the campaign trail in South Dakota, Hillary Clinton ordered an aide to get her husband on the phone.

“It was a reaction of no surprise but immediate anger and action,” Sheehy said in a Vanity Fair article published that year. “Not anger at Bill but at Flowers, the press, and Republicans.”

Later that night, while traveling on a campaign aircraft, Clinton told Sheehy that if she even had the opportunity to cross-examine Flowers in a court of law, “I would crucify her.”

Not only did Mrs. Clinton advance a lie at a time when the American people were weighing the character of someone vying for the presidency, but she facilitated a continuation of Bill Clinton’s sexually aggressive assaults, some of which were classified as rapes and all of which were intensely unethical.

This is the untruthfulness that is the hallmark of Hillary Clinton the politician. It infects everything she says and does. It is never about the people or public service. It’s certainly not about championing women, and it’s not about fidelity to her marriage. It’s all about her selfish need for power.

That’s Mussolini stuff, right there.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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