REVEALED: The Disgusting Way Obama Is Celebrating Independence Day

You may be celebrating Independence Day by taking in a parade or having a couple of brews on the back porch with some friends. President Barack Obama has a different Independence Day plan, though — and it involves making our military weaker. As a sort of birthday gift to America, Obama’s defense secretary, Ash Carter, announced yesterday that the military would allow openly transgender people to serve.

According to Associated Press, those already in the military who wished to change their gender identity or transition will be able to receive medical care pertaining to that on Oct. 1, in addition to changing their listed gender in the Pentagon’s computer system.

And as of next year, transgender individuals will be allowed to enter the military provided they meet the requirements and have been stable in their current gender for a period of 18 months. Which makes one wonder, why should one need to be stable in their gender? After all, if you get to pick it, how should it matter how long ago you changed your gender? Or if you continue to change it?

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