Rick Perry ‘Goes There’ By Making THIS Epic Trump-Hillary Debate Prediction. People Are Freaking Out

Rick Perry says he’s totally confident in Donald Trump’s ability to handle Hillary Clinton in a presidential debate, but the words the former Texas governor used to express that confidence have caused quite a stir.

Perry’s description of what Trump would do to Clinton in a face-to-face encounter came during a Fox News interview in which he criticized Clinton’s foreign policy speech that focused more on eviscerating her likely GOP opponent than promoting her own credentials.

In the San Diego address on Thursday, Clinton laid into Trump for his ideas that she described as a mix of “bizarre rants, personal feuds and outright lies.”

According to CNN, “she lambasted his ‘bragging’ approach to foreign policy based on a string of ‘nasty tweets’ and accused him of harboring a ‘bizarre’ affinity for authoritarian leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Communist rulers of China and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.”

The former secretary of state also “warned that Trump should not be let anywhere near the nuclear codes because he could start a war when somebody ‘got under his very thin skin.’”

Appearing on Fox News after the Clinton campaign appearance, Perry took aim at the former secretary of state, predicting the real estate tycoon will have no issue debating her and suggesting he will “peel her skin off” in the process, in a clear reference to Clinton’s “thin skin” comment about the New York businessman.

The former Republican presidential candidate — who has endorsed The Donald since leaving the race himself — went on to list what he said were Clinton’s foreign policy failures and her lack of exposure to real criticism, noting that it’s “been months and months since she’s even had a press conference.”

When asked by Fox News’ Dagen McDowell how Trump would take on Clinton during a debate, Perry cut loose with his colorful language. You can watch the segment by clicking on the video below:

The Texan’s response was highly criticized by liberals on social media, with many denouncing his comment as “creepy.” Perhaps the most amusing tweet referred to a Think Progress post that said “Rick Perry has the creepiest response to Hillary Clinton’s speech” and featured side-by-side images of Perry and the fictional Dr. Hannibal Lecter from the gruesome thriller “Silence of the Lambs.”

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