RIGGED – WikiLeaks Reveals BOMBSHELL About Last Night’s Debate

Debate polls overwhelmingly show the public felt as though Donald Trump won his first showdown with Hillary Clinton, no thanks to the media trying to rig it.

Wikileaks noticed the camera angles were slightly off and then tweeted out how they were actually adjusted to the “10 up angle” to give Hillary a visual edge.

Donald Trump is significantly taller than the 5’ 4” Hillary Clinton.

By changing the angle, they made her appear more authoritative, at least they thought they did.

Had they not done this, Trump’s numbers would no doubt have been even higher.

It is yet another attempt by the liberal media to influence voters in an effort to help Hillary win this election.

Thank God for Wikileaks spotting this as very few people realized this was even going on… I know I didn’t until I saw their tweet.

So, in addition to having cupcake subjects to cover, and completely avoiding every scandal of her political career, Hillary was also given a visual edge during the first debate.

But did I mention she got crushed anyway?!

Now that the public knows this, I will be curious to see if they do the same dirty tricks in the second debate.

Do you think the camera angle used by the networks helped Clinton and made her appear more authoritative?

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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