Right After Donald Trump Became Presumptive Nominee, New Nat’l Poll Revealed Something STUNNING

Donald Trump is a man on top of the world: He won in Indiana, his chief competitor for the GOP presidential nomination has dropped out and he is all but sure to be the Republican nominee for president.

But he has one huge hill — or Hillary, as it were — left to climb.

According to new CNN/ORC polling data, Trump is trailing the presumptive Democratic nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, by a margin of 54 percent to 41 percent.

In addition to this being Clinton’s largest polling lead over Trump since last July, the internal data of the poll should be very concerning to Trump and his campaign. The poll indicates that voters trust Clinton more than Trump on every major issue — terrorism, immigration, foreign policy, health care and education — except the economy. However, even the economy isn’t a resoundingly good issue for Trump, as he leads Clinton by only a paltry margin of 50 percent to 45 percent.

While neither candidate has good numbers in the favorable/unfavorable department, Trump trails Clinton significantly in both. The poll data show Clinton with a 48 percent to 39 percent advantage in favorability and 49 percent to 57 percent advantage in unfavorability.

The same poll shows that Ohio Gov. John Kasich not only has much higher favorability ratings than Trump but that, unlike Trump, he would be projected to beat Clinton by a 7-point margin of 51 percent to 44 percent.

Of course, any data about Kasich would seemingly be irrelevant at the moment since he too is reportedly dropping out of the race.

That could change, though, if Trump selects the governor to be his running mate.

h/t: TheBlaze

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