Right After Fox News Host Sat Down With Donald Trump, He Reveals Something HUGE About Him

The Donald Trump who, in public, aggressively forges upstream in pursuit of the agenda he believes the nation needs and is always ready with a fast quip is the same strong personality when the cameras stop, according to Fox News Channel host Jesse Watters.

Watters recently interviewed the Republican presidential candidate for a segment of Watters World and came away impressed.

“I think there are two different types of people in television. There are people who can turn it on like a switch when the cameras go on, and then when the cameras go off they kind of lower it down a little bit. And then there are people who are on all the time, no matter if the cameras are there or not,” Watters said.

“Trump strikes me as the kind of guy that’s on all the time. He’s got a very forceful persona,” he added.

“He’s very engaging, he’s very direct and it’s always a pleasure talking to him,” Watters said.

During the interview with Trump that will air on Saturday’s edition of Watters World, Trump discussed the media.

” … the press is very, very biased. I’ve never seen anything like it, actually. I mean it’s a one-way story from virtually everybody, other than you, Jesse, other than you,” Trump said.

“It’s really a biased press, and I’ve heard about it, I’ve read about it all my life — I’ve only been doing this for 12 months now, so I never really focused on the press, it didn’t matter that much. But I will tell you, if you’re a Republican conservative, you’ve got yourself one big disadvantage, because the press is really dishonest,” Trump said.

h/t: The Wrap

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