Right After Latest Terror Attack, ISIS Was Just Shaken To Its Core By The Last Thing They Ever…

According to new reports, the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS launched a series of airstrikes against the terrorist organization on Wednesday south of Fallujah, Iraq. Figures released by U.S. officials said more than 250 Islamic State combatants were killed and at least 40 vehicles destroyed, making it the deadliest strike against the enemy to date. This marks a second blow that U.S. and Iraqi security forces have dealt in recent weeks, following the recapture of Mosul.

Despite the territorial loses and casualties sustained, ISIS still remains a threat, not only in the region but also abroad. A triple suicide bombing of Turkey’s Istanbul Ataturk Airport earlier this week, which killed 41 people, is believed to be the work of the ISIS.

CIA Chief John Brennan said the Istanbul attack showed signs of the Islamic State’s “depravity” and added there is much work left to be done against the enemy.

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