Right After Obama’s Response To RNC, Bill Gates Goes Public With Huge Announcement

As President Obama’s final year in office approaches, many liberals are throwing hail Mary passes across the political playing field, not only revealing their desperation, but also showing their true colors and labeling themselves for the traitors they are. Assuming (and hoping) that Hillary Clinton doesn’t win and possibly ends up in a jail cell not just for her latest scandal but for being the evil and corrupt person that she is, the left must know that the end of Obama’s presidency will also bring the end of everything they’ve tried to accomplish.

In a recent performance of anti-democracy sentiment, Bill Gates gave his full support for anti-constitutionalism and anti-democracy as a whole, stating that only socialism could save us from the “growing” threat that is climate change.

He claimed that the private sector is “inept” and that only bigger government led by China and the United States can truly save us all. Well, what about the mounting evidence that climate change isn’t real?

And what about the fact that liberals have no evidence to prove otherwise. Apparently, if you’re as rich as Bill Gates, you can actually buy logical thinking off thousands of people, throw it away, and then convince them all that you’re right.

In the same interview, Bill Gates expands on his disdain for freedom and liberty by talking about how green technologies aren’t doing a very good job of saving us from global warming, and then insists that we need more of them. Never mind the overflowing pile of truth that shows that liberals are using green technology and climate change as a whole for political and financial gain.

First off, Gates has no tolerance or patience for anyone who dares state the obvious – that climate change is an abject hoax. So right off he puts the lie to the claim that Lefties are the most “tolerant” of the human species. He also makes it plain, again, that liberals have no desire to debate on the merits of ideals; rather, they want to impose their solutions.

Gates also has no penchant or tolerance for Republicans and conservative politicians, which is par for the liberal course – no surprise there. But he doesn’t bother to explain why he thinks they are wrong. Per The Atlantic (whose reporter didn’t bother to press Gates on why he thinks this):

He didn’t evince much patience for the argument that American politicians couldn’t agree even on whether climate change is real, much less on how to combat it. “If you’re not bringing math skills to the problem,” he said with a sort of amused asperity, “then representative democracy is a problem.”

Sure, Bill. Only for a tyrant.

In other words, we are the problem because we like our modern society too much.

Next, this gem. Though Gates made his vast fortune in what once was one of the least-regulated sectors of the U.S. economy, he has no faith in the free market economic model that provided him with billions and made the U.S. the No. 1 economy in the world.

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