Right After Paul Ryan Came Out Against Trump, Hannity Unloaded A Missile On Him

Hannity Blasts Paul Ryan: ‘You Have To Be Kidding Me’

“… I’m thinking we may need a new …”

As Western Journalism reported Thursday, speaker of the house Paul Ryan told CNN he was “not ready” yet to support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president.

Ryan added that a lot of “fence mending” needed to take place before the establishment members of the Republican Party could rally around Trump as the presumptive nominee.

Those comments did not sit well with Sean Hannity, host of Fox News’ Hannity. In a series of tweets, Hannity revealed his displeasure with the speaker’s comments.

In the first tweet, Hannity displayed his disbelief in the establishment’s reluctance to rally around Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton. He implied not doing so was a betrayal of the Republican voter base which overwhelmingly voted for Trump. He also accused the GOP of trying to sabotage Trump’s chances of becoming president.

Hannity then turned his tweets to the issues, warning that not supporting Trump would only result in another liberal judge being confirmed for Scalia’s vacant SCOTUS seat. The talk show host also predicted there would be no border wall, a permanence with Obamacare and improper vetting of refugees from the Middle East.

The talk show host’s raging tweets then addressed what he perceived as a circular firing squad being led by the speaker himself.

According to TheBlaze, Hannity’s comments were not limited to tweets. Hannity reportedly said on his talk show in what seemed to be a ‘two can play it that game’ cynicism, “I’m not ready to support Speaker Ryan anymore … I’m thinking we may need a new speaker.”

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