Right After Violent Mobs Beat Trump Fans Outside Rallies, One Group Takes Matters Into Their Own…

In the wake of violence waged against supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at past rallies, two biker groups will be on hand at Saturday’s Trump rally in Phoenix to allow citizens to exercise their rights in peace.

“We’re going to stand between them and any protesters that come onto the property and hopefully protect them from any bodily harm, should it get to that point,” said Cindy Perrin of Lions Guard Arizona. She said the group is made up of veterans, retired police officers and others.

They were joined by Riders USA, said Kirtis Baxter, president of the motorcycle group. Baxter said up to 150 bikers would be arriving to help “keep the peace.”

He said the bikers were there “to make sure that (violent protests that) happened in San Jose and Chicago doesn’t happen out here” and that the goal was “to protect the First Amendment.”

Perrin also said her group would protect Trump supporters.

“We don’t want to see women being pelted with eggs,” Perrin said, referencing an episode at a San Jose, Calif., rally in which a woman who made it through the mob of protesters was hit on the head with raw eggs thrown by anti-Trump protesters.

“I’m not one to back down,” said Perrin, a former New York City police officer. “I was born in Harlem … I’ve been fighting all my life.”

Lions Guard Arizona’s motto makes their opinions clear. “Better to be a lion for a day, than a lamb for eternity,” it reads.

The group’s website makes its support of Trump clear.

Donald Trump has struck upon a nerve that runs through both factions of the political establishment. Against an elite that sees national borders and culture as obstacles to their machinations, Mr. Trump stands for preserving American sovereignty and identity,” it said.

“Against the useful idiots of the elites, hypnotized by their delusions of utopia, Mr. Trump presents a vision for America based in sovereignty, security, prosperity, but most importantly, reality,” it said.

h/t: KTAR

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