Right After Visiting Louisiana, Trump Delivers Humiliating 14-Word Message To Obama…

When one thinks of statesmanship, leadership, a strong executive, what first comes to mind? Vacation. Indeed, what this country needs more than anything is a President who takes vacation in the midst of disaster.

Now, you may have not read about George Washington vacationing in New England during the American Revolution or George W. Bush heading to the Caribbean in the aftermath of 9/11, but I’m sure it happened. Right? Wrong.

President Obama is one of the few presidents that cares so little about the American people, specifically those in Louisiana, that he would postpone his trip to the Pelican state until after his vacation ended.

Both President Obama and the Democratic presidential candidate were no where to be found in the South. However, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump did visit the beleaguered state.

BizPac Review reports that Donald Trump blasts Barack Obama:

“I just got back from a tour of the suffering and devastation in Louisiana. Perhaps you can tell by the way I’m dressed. Just got off the plane,” he said at a rally in Michigan Friday night. “The spirit of the people is incredible. The devastation, likewise, they’ve never seen anything like it. But the spirit of the people is incredible.”

“And honestly, Obama ought to get off the golf course and get down there.”

Donald Trump, known for his hyperbolic language, was nothing but gravitas in this moment.

Whether President Obama was on the golf course, helping Hillary Clinton raise funds, or fill in the blank, he missed a golden opportunity–not only for the DNC but as President of the United States to show, or at least pretend, to his people that he is a noble, self-sacrificing leader.

Instead, he vacations, he golfs, he neglects.

H/T YoungCons.

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