Right Before California Primary, Someone Close To Hillary Clinton Was Just Arrested In Stunning…

A controversial figure from likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s family has made headlines again this week for an encounter with the police.

Clinton’s brother-in-law Roger Clinton was arrested Sunday night in Southern California for suspicion of driving under the influence, according to officials.

Roger Clinton, brother to former President Bill Clinton, has had run-ins with the law before — once for another DUI arrest and a cocaine charge in 1985 that would eventually be pardoned by Bill Clinton prior to him leaving office.

The timing of the arrest could not have been worse, as it comes just two days before Clinton’s crucial California primary face off with rival Democratic presidential candidate, Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

For the time being, Clinton is ahead of Sanders in California by two points. As of this report, Roger Clinton has yet to be released and sits with a bail set at $15,000, with a court appearance set for Monday afternoon.

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