RNC Member Issues CHILLING Call for Deadly Violence Against Trump Staff

In a shocking statement over the weekend, a Republican National Committeeman from Arizona has called for the execution of presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s Arizona campaign staffers.

Bruce Ash suggested the killings on Saturday during an interview on radio station KVOI as he was criticized Trump staffers for failing to prevent the appointment of former Utah Congresswoman Enid Mickelsen to the Rules Committee at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer, reported the Arizona Daily Independent.

Ash described Mickelsen as someone who was loyal to Mitt Romney. He also said Trump’s Arizona campaign was terribly disorganized.

“This is not just on (RNC Chairman Reince) Prebius,” the committeeman said. “This is on Trump, also. The men that he had, supposedly, in the RNC watching the chicken house weren’t watching the chicken house.

“And they ought to be taken in back of that shed and shot in the back of the head — execution style — because they fell down on their duty,” he added. “They let this happen.”

Ash accused Trump’s campaign leaders of being “asleep at the switch” or simply ignorant about how campaign convention rules operate.

Ash also admitted that Trump wasn’t his first, second or third choice for president. However, he also said he would be “fighting any rules change that takes the delegates’ votes away from where they were originally intended” because Trump won the majority vote in the primaries and caucuses.

He has a point regarding how the RNC appears to be operating, but his solution to the problem is absolutely absurd, and statements like that simply create more problems than they solve.

Ash’s statements further represent the growing divide that exists between establishment Republicans and Trump supporters who are looking for change that the recent GOP has been unable to provide.

H/T The Daily Caller

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