Rob Lowe Gets Attacked For His PERFECT Memorial Day Message… Then He Drops The Hammer

Actor Rob Lowe is familiar with people disagreeing with his opinions; however, that doesn’t stop him from posting tweets that are met with negative responses.

Lowe posted such a tweet on Sunday when he recommended the movie 13 Hours, calling it the perfect Memorial Day movie.

When one person responded to the tweet by asking Lowe if he was “vying for the #2 slot on the Trump ticket,” Lowe responded:

Steven Crowder stated on Louder with Crowder that Memorial Day is a day to celebrate the American soldiers who lost their lives in service to their country; therefore, suggesting a movie portraying these heroes is not shocking.

Crowder went on to say that liberals who equate the support of a patriotic film with “kissing up to Trump” have contributed to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s success. He added, “It’s not the right, but the left literally equating Trump with American patriotism. As though it’s a bad thing.”

When one of the stars of 13 Hours, actor John Krasinski, was asked if he was concerned about the politicization of the movie, he said, “What I don’t think is fair … is to not at least acknowledge what this story is: acknowledging these six guys. These six guys need that acknowledgement, and they represent the men and women who serve all around the world.”

He added, “I am actually slightly disgusted at the idea that applauding our military has become a political thing rather than universal.”

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