Rob Lowe Just DESTROYED All America-Hating Athletes In 5 Seconds FLAT

Sometimes Hollywood really comes through for team conservative. This is one of those times.

As liberal as Hollywood is, you do have some conservatives in there. When they see injustice or liberal BS, they say it. Rob Lowe is one of these conservatives. Colin Kaepernick is not an A-List celebrity like Lowe, but he too is taking a stand for something he believes in. He’s, as we all know, doing it at the worst time imaginable and protesting something that he doesnt’ fully understand.

So Lowe decided to take it upon himself to put all of Kaepernick’s nonsensical BS along with the NFL’s into perspective with one tweet.

Of course, people threw shade Lowe’s way, but other conservative celebrities were there to have his back.

The basic constitutional right that Alex in the above tweet is referring to is freedom of speech. Protest is just a part of what makes this country great. We can protest pretty much anything. But when you are protesting social injustice and alleged police brutality, there is a much more effective time and place for it. You’re not protesting cops by sitting for the national anthem, you’re disrespecting every soldier that has put his or her life on the line for you to be in the NFL in the first place.

Lowe is right. Wake up or shut the f**k up.


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