Robbers Duck Out of McDonald’s, Have No Idea Their Worst Nightmare Is RIGHT BEHIND THEM

When criminals rob a bank or a store, they don’t usually expect there to be much resistance. Usually all it takes is a gunshot and everyone in the store is too scared to do anything.

Business Insider reported that this wasn’t the case at a McDonald’s in France. Two men decided to rob the place, but didn’t expect there to be a table full of elite soldiers in the restaurant.

The thieves stormed the place with one firing a single shot into the air while the other started emptying the cash register. When the men were done grabbing everything they could, they fled through the kitchen.

“At first, I did not realize there was a gunshot,” stated Antony, 20, who was working in the kitchen at the time of the robbery.

The soldiers, who all had special training in hostage situations, waited until all the McDonald’s customers and staff were out of danger and then they sprang into action.

The soldiers ran after the robbers in the parking lot. One of the robbers managed to fall on some stairs and was quickly taken into custody. The other robber didn’t get off so easy — he was shot in the abdomen and subdued.

The police quickly arrived and took both men into custody.

After all the terror and death that France has seen over the past year, these soldiers were in no mood to have their lunch ruined by a couple of thugs who were trying to score some cash.

If it hadn’t been for these soldiers, it is possible — even likely — that the robbers could have escaped and robbed another store in the near future. Now they will be spending quite a long time in jail thinking about how stupid they were.


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