Ronald Reagan’s Son Just Made A Jaw-Dropping Trump Announcement That’s Getting Everyone’s Attention

Conservatives often invoke the name of the late former President Ronald Reagan when talking about their ideals both for candidates and in terms of policy. This election cycle, some have suggested that due to his appeal to working-class voters, Donald Trump may have some “Reaganesque” qualities.

But one person who doesn’t think so is Reagan’s son, Michael.

Michael Reagan, a staunch conservative and longtime media pundit, said during an interview Monday with Newsmax TV’s Steve Malzberg that not only will he not be voting for the New York billionaire in the California Republican primary, he does not think his father would have, either.

The interview with Malzberg comes on the heels of Michael Reagan’s tweets sharing his thoughts on the presumptive Republican nominee.

During the Newsmax TV interview, Malzberg asked Reagan about some of Trump’s most recent controversies like the Trump University lawsuit and his comments about the Mexican-American judge who is presiding over the case.

“My take is he took Hillary [Clinton] off the front pages, which is the dumbest thing you can do in a presidential election or any election,” he said. “I know Donald Trump loves to be on the front pages, but I think this time he really stubbed his toe. And I think he offended a whole lot of people out there. Democrats, Republicans.

“I will tell you this: I’m not voting for him tomorrow in the California primary. I’m gonna find another place to put my vote. I may even write in Ronald Reagan because I’m offended by what he said.”

Reagan also made it clear that he is not a Trump supporter and thinks his father would have felt the same way.

“My father would not vote for Donald Trump in tomorrow’s primary in California,” the younger Reagan said of the late president. “And he may even say, ‘I didn’t leave the party. The party left me.’”

Reagan went on to say the news media’s nonstop coverage of the businessman is largely to blame for his ascension and that Trump’s comments were nothing more than “regurgitating what those on talk radio and social media have been saying forever.”

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