Rosie O’Donnell Makes Nasty Trump Insults At Concert… Gets Huge Surprise

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump has had a long-running, insult-laden feud with foul-mouthed comedian Rosie O’Donnell, dating back more than 10 years.

Thus, it was no big surprise when O’Donnell launched into an expletive-filled rant against the presumptive GOP nominee during a recent appearance on stage in New York City, where she was supposed to warm up the crowd for a concert by 1980s pop sensations Boy George and Cyndi Lauper, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

First noting that her therapist had warned her not to even think about Trump, O’Donnell declared that she was “depressed because I f*****g hate that orange piece of s***.”

“Well, I would rather give birth to a flaming iguana while taking a s***,” she continued. “I hate him. I hate him.”

She also stated that she refused to speak Trump’s name, before proceeding to grab her crotch and shout, “Eat me, Donald!”

During the nearly two-minute long rant that preceded the concert, she repeatedly referred to Trump as a “s*** stain with a tinge of orange.”

A man in the audience quickly deployed his cellphone and began shooting video when O’Donnell launched into her rant, and though some in the crowd laughed at a few of her crude jokes, the man reported that most of her jokes weren’t particularly well received.

“Rosie’s routine was just jaw-dropping,” he said. “She sounds like she is obsessed with Donald Trump and it was what she spent most of her very short act talking about.”

“Not everyone was impressed,” he continued. “People around me were shaking their heads in disagreement.”

“One man near me turned to his wife turned and said, ‘I really hope Donald gets elected so she keeps her promise and moves to Canada,’” he added. “Another lady was shouting, ‘Get off and let Cyndi sing.’”

We’re not sure why you’d want to, but if you are overcome with morbid curiosity, you can watch some of the cellphone video here:

Trump has not yet responded to the terribly crude insults O’Donnell hurled his way, but considering his rather low opinion of her, he likely won’t have much nice to say when and if he does eventually address the issue.

H/T The Daily Caller

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