Rudy Giuliani Just Exposed The One Thing Hillary Didn’t Want You To Notice At The Debate

Rudy Giuliani really can give us a great sound bite. Difference between he and the liberals is that what he says matters and isn’t a lie.

The debate last night gave us drama and shouting, but the opinions and analysis afterwards are giving us greater insight into what each candidate said. We may have missed something as the format and both candidates spoke quickly and moderator Lester Holt kept things moving at a swift pace. There’s also the chance that you tuned in at a certain time and missed a lot of the debate. Or you just missed it entirely.

Rudy Giuliani was watching and what he saw in Hillary was pure fantasy. She is not fit to run this country!

“We know Hillary Clinton was a failure at foreign policy … we know she’s a failure in dealing with Islamic terrorism at home … I never realized she was as ignorant on economics as she is.”

What Giuliani is referring to was how the world is (her Benghazi and foreign policy failures), her soft stance on terrorism, and her inability to fight for the American business and worker. Giuliani let her have it.

Her plans to tax companies even further is only going to drive them away from America. You know who won’t do that? Donald Trump.

If you want American business to stay here where they belong and not be shipped overseas, share this post and speak out against Hillary and her ass backwards policies!


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