Rudy Giuliani Takes Gloves Off, Destroys Hillary With 9 Brutal Words On Her Sh*tty Debate Performance

Awful Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton thought she had the election locked up. After all, her campaign pulled off the ultimate “October surprise” smear job by leaking a secret recording of Donald Trump joking around about women.

Democrats were already popping champagne bottles, but then came the second debate. Hillary thought it would be a cakewalk, but she ended up completely embarrassing herself.

Loyal Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani was thrilled to see his former Senate campaign foe Hillary Clinton flop so badly in a debate that virtually everyone saw as hers to lose. Said Rudy about the debate, “Do I think she treated him unfairly? Of course she did, but I thought it worked out well because they let her talk much more than he did — they interrupted him much more than they did her.”

He added, “I liked her talking a lot because she started to make no sense. She started to repeat herself and repeat herself — and by the end of the discussion — she was making no sense at all because I think he basically knocked her out.” We totally agree! Did you think Hillary was a debate bust?

H/T: Proud Patriots

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