Rush Limbaugh Just Ripped The Lid Off What The Gorilla Controversy Is REALLY About

Rush Limbaugh believes he has put his finger on why many people would struggle to see that a young boy’s life is more valuable than a gorilla’s.

The conservative radio talk show host dedicated a large segment of his Tuesday program to discussing the controversy created at the Cincinnati Zoo after the staff made the decision to shoot the 400-pound gorilla, named Harambe, in order to save the boy, who had fallen into its habitat area.

Video of the incident shows Harambe both appearing to care for the boy and treating him very roughly, dragging him around the enclosure.

Limbaugh points out that the gorilla did nothing wrong: It was not his fault the young child managed to fall into the animal’s space. The boy cannot be held at fault either, so neither was to blame.

The commentator explained an unmistakable fact seen in the video is that no zookeeper was going to be able to take the boy away from the gorilla, and the longer the child stayed in the animal’s area, the more likely he would be seriously hurt or killed.

The zoo’s staff feared firing a tranquilizer dart into Harambe would likely anger the animal and take a period of time to take effect, putting the boy in even more jeopardy.

The choice, however disconcerting, was clear: put the gorilla down. Limbaugh observed that this decision should not be difficult for people to grasp, but based on the strong response online to killing the animal, it was.

The talk show host offered a reason why some people found such a moral dilemma in the choice, acknowledging it may make some “uncomfortable to hear it.”

“But in this case there are people who think that gorilla’s life mattered more. In a country with whatever million number of abortions every year, I mean, you can’t factor that out in understanding how people would have problems placing value on which life counts most here,” he said.

Limbaugh also pointed out that for many on the left, “humans are the cause of everything going wrong on earth,” from climate change to animal suffering.

“By definition, these people cannot be familiar with Genesis, and if they were, they would dissociate themselves from it,” stated Limbaugh. “They have absolutely no such training, foundation, or awareness of the primacy of humanity on planet Earth as created by God. Such a mindset does not exist with them. It’s the exact opposite. Humanity is the problem.”

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