Rush Limbaugh Noticed A WEIRD COINCIDENCE When The FBI Director Let Hillary Off The HOOK!!

Rush Limbaugh made a pretty good prediction that Hillary was going to be left off the hook for her email scandal, and he was proven right. But this next insight he figures might point to a conspiracy in the government to help Hillary!!

Listen to this:

Limbaugh noticed that the words that FBI Director Comey used in his exoneration of Hillary Clinton sounded EERILY similar to that of Barack Obama from months ago!! Isn’t that weird? It’s kinda… coincidental isn’t it?

Now, this is a little far-fetched in the insinuation that there’s a conspiracy theory here, especially because so many people vouched for the high character of James Comey, but it really makes you wonder. Especially when you consider how Obama announced he’d be stumping for Hillary a few days before the exoneration, and then HOURS after the announcement, he was joining her on the campaign trail. I’m not really into conspiracy theories, but even I have to wonder!!

Trump, on the other hand, isn’t shy about his accusations at all:


What do you think? Is there any evidence to support Trump’s accusation of a bribe between Hillary and the Attorney General? Let us know in the comments section below!!

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