Rush Limbaugh Reveals Why Hillary Will Lose To Donald Trump

Rush Limbaugh has a pretty good grasp on all things political, and he has become well-known for unashamedly speaking the truth about politicians and candidates.

While many people in both parties have been claiming that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump cannot beat Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton in November, Limbaugh saw things a little differently on the Monday edition of “The Rush Limbaugh Show.”

The conservative radio host revealed that Clinton would lose in a battle against Trump because of the fortune she has made from speeches to Wall Street banks — $21 million, to be exact.

“Do you realize that this woman, in the last two years, has made $21 million delivering speeches, mostly to banks? Twenty-one mil!” Limbaugh exclaimed. “I don’t think there’s a speech for less than $225,000 on the list, and they’re all listed.”

“Some of them are as high as $400,000, but it’s generally in that range of 225, 250, up to $400,000,” he said. “It’s every bank you’ve ever heard of (and then some), and every hedge fund that you’ve ever heard of (and then some). Every investment house that you’ve ever heard of. It’s $21 million in two years, speeches alone.”

Clinton’s rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and his supporters have been outspoken about their disdain for Wall Street banks, Limbaugh pointed out on the show. But, Clinton, by speaking to these banks and taking such a huge paycheck for it, has “already been bought” by Wall Street, he explained.

Maybe that’s why “something like 20 percent of Bernie voters claim they’re gonna vote for Trump” if Sanders isn’t the nominee, Limbaugh noted.

“Who do Bernie Sanders supporters despise? Banks. Corporate America. Hillary Clinton is owned by corporate America,” Limbaugh argued.

The former secretary of state has already been bought by the corporate elite, and who knows what foreign donors have sway over the candidate after it was revealed that the Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars from seven foreign governments during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

“The Clinton presidency has already been bought — meaning policies, initiatives, what have you, have already been bought — by foreign governments, foreign entities, and United States corporate entities and banks,” Limbaugh said.

Once average Democrat voters learn about these speeches and how much she has been paid by the very people and entities they claim to hate, “it’s gonna tick ‘em off,” the fiery radio host claimed.

Limbaugh certainly made a good point — Trump could benefit in a big way from Sanders supporters who have been turned off by Clinton because of her hypocrisy. It just might be enough for him to win the White House.

H/T The Daily Caller

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