Rush Reveals True Motive Behind Violent Anti-Trump Rioters… And He’s EXACTLY Right

On Thursday, celebrated conservative talk radio show host Rush Limbaugh revealed the true motive behind the increasing number of violent anti-Trump riots that appeared to be popping up across California.

“These riots, the most recent one, San Jose, they’re not riots against Trump; they’re riots against Trump supporters … and beyond that, they’re really anti-America riots,” he said, adding that the protests were designed to prevent other Americans from “exercising their constitutional right to express their political opinion.”

Moreover, the behavior of these protesters perfectly mirrored the behavior of students at various colleges and universities, where events hosted by conservative speakers were being hijacked left and right by those who felt offended by the speakers’ opinions.

The problem was becoming a nationwide one — and it was only growing worse by the day.

In arguing his point about such protesters being anti-American in nature, Limbaugh then pointed to all the photos and videos of anti-Trump zealots wearing hats that read either “Make California Mexico Again” or “Make America Mexico Again.”

He also noted the frequent occurrence of American flags being trampled on and burned. Why all the anti-American imagery, huh, if these protests were indeed just about Trump?

“They’re bought and paid for by Democrat donors like George Soros,” Limbaugh continued. “Remember the first such riot, it was in Chicago and Trump canceled an appearance in advance when word leaked out that there was going to be trouble, so Trump canceled it.”

There it is. Democrats see Trump’s poll numbers climbing and want to try anything and everything to put a stop to his success — even if that means infringing upon his and his supporters’ right to free speech.

But these ongoing riots aren’t just about Trump anymore — they’re now about America. Liberals hate our country, hate our Constitution and hate our freedoms and liberties, and this hatred runs so deep that they are willing to do just about anything in their power to destroy it.

H/T The Daily Caller

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