Ryan Gives Permission for Delegates To Unbind Themselves, Vote Their Conscience

In an interview that aired Sunday on “Meet The Press,” Speaker of The House Paul Ryan told NBC’s Chuck Todd, “It’s not my job to tell delegates what to do… I would never tell anyone to vote against their conscience.”

Ryan said in an exclusive interview with Chuck Todd that “the last thing I want to see is another Democrat in the White House… I don’t want to see Hillary Clinton in the White House,” and stated that he is voting for Donald Trump.

Todd asked, “Shouldn’t delegates – if they’re having second thoughts about it (voting for Trump) – have an opportunity for them to express that second thought, let them be unbound, and let the will of the convention decide if they want him?”

Ryan responded, “That’s not my place to decide.  It’s not my job to tell delegates what to do or what not to do or to weigh in on things like that.   They write the rules, they make their decisions.”    He said the last thing he would tell any of the delegates is to vote contrary to their conscience.

Earlier in the interview, Ryan noted that Donald Trump “won the election… the voters picked him… he won the election.”   He said, “This isn’t a top-down party where a handful of people pick the nominee and the president – the voters picked him – that’s the choice they made.”

However, he confirmed repeatedly that delegates could make the rules, and should vote according to their conscience.

Kendal Unruh, a Colorado delegate bound to Ted Cruz, and a rules committee member, has started a “Conscience Clause” that she plans to introduce at the convention.    Unruh said, “The delegates have always had the free will to “unbind” themselves.

Another option some of the delegates are considering is changing the rule to require a “super majority” to win the nomination on the first ballot.

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