Sander’s Aide: Hillary Pocketed ‘Almost All the Money’ Raised during Clooney Fundraiser

When people gave money during George Clooney’s Democrat fundraiser last week, they were promised that the beneficiaries would be both Hillary Clinton and down-ballot congressional Democrats. According to reports, however, nearly all of it has gone to Clinton.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Keeping Hillary competitive has become an expensive, time consuming affair. Marketing someone with natural flair is cheap — just look at how much Donald Trump has spent — but pushing a crooked, lying, has-been takes considerably more effort, and a lot more money.

With Hillary’s nose-diving poll numbers, it’s no doubt difficult to convince wealthy donors to invest even more while they’re seeing little no zero benefit.

It seems Clooney’s only real chance was to promise that Hillary would receive only some of the money, while allotting nearly all of it to the perpetually pantsuit-clad politician.

Hillary Clinton may not be pulling in the vote like she expected, but she’s still raking in the dollars. Unlike her socialist rival Bernie Sanders, however, she’s relying on the rich and well-connected to fill her coffers, and they’ve had to switch to deceitful tactics to keep the money rolling in.

“This fundraising arrangement that George Clooney and others have donated into believing that they’re giving money to the down-ballot candidates, two-thirds of that money is going actually to Hillary Clinton,” Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said on MSNBC on Monday.

“Only a third has been going to down-ballot candidates,” he added. “In addition to that, $15 million of that money has gone into other operations that primarily benefit only Secretary Clinton.

“It seems as it’s not working as it’s supposed to, which is to benefit the Party and down-ballot. Almost all of the money is going to Hillary Clinton.”

Hillary’s primary chances still seem to be in little doubt. Her lead over Sanders is embarrassingly small, but still large enough to block Sanders from the nomination. Still, it seems she remains a hard sell in the Democrat Party.

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