SCANDAL: Trump Assassin boy not charged over attempt, what if it were Hillary?

Presumptive Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, had, in a way, almost a near death experience when an illegal immigrant tried to eliminate him at a rally in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. The feds have released the 19-year-old of all charges for attempted murder and have let him go.


The boy is in trouble for gun charges, but not for trying to assassinate the beloved GOP nominee and likely next President:

A British man who allegedly snatched a police officer’s gun at a rally for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in Las Vegas has been charged in the US.

Michael Sandford, 20, face charges of disrupting an official function and illegal firearm possession.

According to court documents, he said he wanted to shoot Mr Trump, but he is not charged with plotting to kill him.

If found guilty, he faces up to 10 years in prison.

Mr Sandford was initially charged last week with an act of violence in a restricted area, at the Treasure Island casino hotel in Las Vegas, where Mr Trump was speaking.

Democrats are delighted however:

This tweet, objectively showcasing the man who was arrested, has pulled in the support of hundreds of people who believe he was in the right for attempting to kill presumptive Republican nominee Donald J. Trump.

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