Scarborough gives Cruz stinging rebuke after big win

Scarborough: Paul Ryan more likely to be GOP nominee than Cruz.

Washington Examiner reports:

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough thinks House Speaker Paul Ryan, who will arrive in Cleveland this July as chairman of the Republican National Convention, has a better chance of becoming the GOP presidential nominee than Ted Cruz.

“Ted Cruz will never be the nominee,” the former Florida congressman said matter-of-factly on his program Wednesday morning.

“You don’t think he’s the second most likely nominee?” a panelist responded.

“No. Not even close,” Scarborough shot back.

The same panelist then asked Scarborough “who’s more likely to be the nominee?”

“You know what? Paul Ryan,” he responded. “You name the list. [Cruz] right now – the guy is loathed. He is loathed in DC in a way that Donald Trump is not loathed.”

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