School Allows Boys To Use Girls’ Bathrooms… Texas Parents Stand And FIGHT Back

On Tuesday night, a Texas school board meeting became heated as parents gathered in support of keeping gender-specific bathrooms and bathroom use rules intact.

Fort Worth Independent School District Superintendent Kent Scribner recently created a policy to allow transgender students to choose the bathroom that corresponds with the gender with which they identify. Unfortunately, he didn’t plan on the huge crowd his policy announcement was going to draw.

Many people took the stage to speak out against the decision and the school board’s implementation of the policy without first bringing the matter to the public forum. Chris Sullivan was one such commenter who was angry that parents and taxpayers were not consulted. He argued that the policy should be put “before the citizens for a vote.”

Many who were happy with the school board’s decision — mainly those from LGBT lobbying groups — thanked Scribner and praised him for making the “right” choice.

However, parents were not buying it. They accused him of passing his own agenda and taking away the rights of parents. One speaker questioned why this decision was “instituted behind closed doors, without a vote by the board and without parents’ input.”

Another speaker, Bo French, argued that this clandestine operation was a purposeful attempt to “subvert the rights of parents.” He had conducted a poll on Monday night of 300 people in the area and found that “82 percent were against this policy.”

“Protecting our children should be the first priority,” French commented. “I demand an immediate and full repeal of this policy.”

This debate made its way to the ears of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who called for the Superintendent to resign on Monday. He stated that parents needed to speak out against the “unilateral” action of the superintendent.

“If he wants to try social engineering, he’s in the wrong job.” Patrick stated.

Patrick also said that transgender student guidelines “will do nothing but bring chaos and confusion to the school day.” Patrick agreed that “parents were shut out” and stated that if the U.S. “goes down the path of social engineering in our schools … you’re going to see the end of public education as we know it.”

The fact that the Scribner did this without first consulting parents shows that our rights as parents our being taken away. Government officials — which is all public school employees are — no longer feel the need to ask parents when it comes to issues that could affect our kids’ health and safety. Instead they just do what they want and later claim that those who speak out against it are bigots.

Texans shouldn’t stand for it, and neither should anyone else.

H/T The Daily Caller

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