Schools Ban Bibles & NRA Shirts, But Look at Sick Trump-Hating Shirts They Allow

Only weeks after a federal court upheld a California school district’s ban on students wearing T-shirts featuring the American flag, a high school in another part of the state has chosen to allow its Hispanic students to don Trump-hating shirts that read, “Dump Trump.”

Los Angeles news station KCBS explained that when two Hispanic sisters from Newport Harbor High School initially tried wearing the T-shirts, their principal ordered them to stop because of threats they reportedly received from other students.

“They repeatedly would state that it was for our own safety and that they didn’t want kids to harass us,” said Alexcia Alvarez. She and her sister, Angelina, first wore the T-shirts that caused the controversy.

The principal later changed his mind, meaning the two sisters may now wear the T-shirts whenever they please.


Moreover, according to district spokesperson Annette Franco, students who support presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump are allowed to wear pro-Trump that reads, “Make America Great Again.”

“Regardless of what side you’re on, we do allow students to wear their political attire as long as safety and security of our students is not comprised and that we maintain focus on learning,” said Franco.

This admittedly seems like a fair situation for both sides, though it should still be noted that the school lies in the same state that recently upheld a ban allowing schools to bar students from wearing U.S.-flag-themed clothing on Cinco De Mayo, lest they hurt the feelings of Hispanic students.

This is also the same state where last year a university voted to remove all American flags from campus because they deemed it to be “offensive.”

Stuff like this raises a key question: How long will it be before pro-Trump clothing is banned from campus because it also offends Hispanic students? Would Trump-supporting students be allowed to wear shirts that read, “Build That Wall,” or would that also be offensive?

H/T Breitbart

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