Seahawks Announce 9/11 Anthem Protest, IMMEDIATELY Get What They Deserve

If you have ever been to Seattle, you know the citizens of this city take great pride in their country. It is a shame the Seahawks do not have the same attitude… and now fans are letting them know about it.

NFL fans are going nuts and feel the Seahawks have earned the designation of the “most unpatriotic NFL team” if it goes through with this stunt, especially because it is the anniversary of 9/11.

What is happening to our country?

In considering this, we have to put the blame where it belongs. There is the obvious choice, which is career backup Colin Kaepernick and his initial decision to protest the national anthem.

However, the next person to blame for this anti-American fiasco is none other than Barack Obama himself, who has inflamed racial tensions to a standstill with his policies and his passive-aggressive behavior.

The president started this downhill slide of our country by turning a man who was just trying to solve the crime problems in his community, George Zimmerman, into a pariah and making statements regarding the individual who was shot:

“If I had a son, he would probably look like Trayvon Martin.”

Fast forward to today, and this racial tension has increased to the point where black Americans who desire to stand up and point out the problems in the black community are negatively stereotyped, and now they have their own slur. They are called “Uncle Toms,” which is a pejorative some use for people who have sold out to white people.

The problem is today it will be an entire football team and tomorrow it will be an entire country. And that was probably Obama’s plan all along.

If Hillary gets elected, you can expect a new, extremely negative form of our country. We will be well on the way to adding an extra “S” to our name and becoming the United Socialist States of America.

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