Sean Hannity Posts Image Exposing The Hypocrisy Of The Left Regarding Melania Trump’s Speech

The left has successfully found a nonissue from the GOP convention to freak out about.


Apparently, Melania Trump “stole” her speech from Michelle Obama.

The speech was similar, sure. That’s hardly a major news story.

And let’s be real, even if someone did hand her a speech that was modeled after Michelle’s, are we seriously going to pretend that matters in the big picture?

Never mind the fact that President Obama and other prominent Dems have been accused of the exact same thing in the past.

I don’t seem to remember liberals being upset about it back then.

Check out this meme for more info.


As I was saying, nothing unusual.

If Melania purposely copied the speech. That’s on her.

But there is absolutely no proof she knowingly did that.

Don’t we have more important things to talk about?

This is a clear signal that Melania is going to learn the hard way how the left treats conservative women.


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