Sean Hannity’s Comment About Muslims Is Likely Getting Him Fired

Sean Hannity has found himself in hot water after standing up for American values in a heated exchange with a radical Imam in England.

“You have blamed the killing of this photojournalist on America,” Hannity told Anjem Choudary. “Do you support ISIS demanding that Christians, the Yazidis, ‘convert to Islam or die?’ Do you support that?”

Instead of answering the question, Choudary attempted to redirect the conversation by claiming that the United States “carpet-bombed Syria and killed hundreds of thousands.”

Hannity did not let Choudary divert, however, and repeated the question, this time asking if he supported the beheading of James Foley. Choudary did not answer the question directly, but did state that “every cause has an effect.” He went on to say that Christians were never told to “convert or die.”

“You will have no choice,” Choudary responded. “In fact, Sean, it’s coming to a place near you. It’s coming to a place near you…I’m saying that the sharia will be implemented in the whole world one day. It’s the promise of the messenger Mohamed.

What do you think? Do you stand behind Hannity? Will you accept Sharia Law?

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