Sean Offers His SECRET To Get The Trump Campaign On A Winning Track For November

With 3 months to go before Americans head to the polls to choose the next President of the United States, Sean is offering some advice to the Trump Campaign on how they can best take on Hillary in the run up to election day.

Sean offered his suggestions on Wednesday’s Hannity.

“For starters, there can be no more unforced errors,” Sean began. “Hillary Clinton is going to try to convince voters, the American people, that Donald Trump doesn’t have the temperament to be president or that he’s too impulsive. So why is this going to be her strategy? It’s all she has. She can’t run on her record. She can’t win on substantive issues. And she certainly can’t win on issues based on honesty, integrity, and truthfulness.”

With a media eager to jump on every distraction, Sean urged the Trump campaign to adopt “extreme message discipline.”

“Donald Trump should focus on the Democratic nominee. That means no talking about Paul Ryan, Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz, or even John McCain. The only people Donald Trump should ever talk about are two people: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama because their records are a disaster.”

Hannity went on to suggest a detailed list of promises Trump will fulfill should he be elected.

“For example, the promise to appoint originalists to the Supreme Court that also respect the constitution, separation of powers, and coequal branches of government,” Sean said. Sean added that Trump should lay out, in detail, how he would protect the homeland, secure the border, and get Americans back to work.

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