Sen Boxer: Gun Control Laws Work, ‘We’ve Proven it in California’

If gun control laws work, how come President Obama’s administration is plagued with so many terrorist shootings? This administration also takes the cake for illegal alien shooters as well.

Why don’t these jihadists, illegals and gangsters obey California’s gun laws? Kathryn Steinle would be alive today if her five-time illegal assassin had listened to democrat talking points. Too bad her killer, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, decided to steal a firearm from a Bureau of Land Management’s unsupervised vehicle. There was a law against that!

There is a law against just about everything that happened to Kathryn Stenile and the people of San Bernardino. Also, the rifles used in the shooting were illegal. It’s a fine talking point to say the pistols they were packing were legally bought but the ATF ruled the rifles to be modified and in violation of… gun control laws.

Pipe bombs are illegal too and the shooter telling a Jewish co-worker “You will never see Israel again” should be a hate crime in Senator Boxer’s world. However, the rules don’t apply if they make democrat bastions look bad.

The simple fact is, crime has dropped across the country regardless of gun laws, not just in California. California still has the highest actual number of people being shot in relation to a crime. That’s what Senator Boxer calls “working.”

Do not be fooled by fast-talk about “gun deaths,” which includes suicides and never includes survivors who were shot. California is the king of getting assaulted with a firearm. They can thank Senator Boxer for that work too.

Observe the highly political “we will keep trying” narrative in the video below. Too bad this level of magical thinking doesn’t stop bullets from flying in California.

Perhaps Senator Boxer should try ending sanctuary cities, letting every shooting victim equal access to firearms and prosecuting people who blurt out anti-Semitic death threats days before they can attack a Christmas party. But that would mean getting rid of the gospel of terrorism denial, something the democrats are heavily invested in this last decade… and they have proven it.

H/T: TruthAndAction

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