Sen. Rand Paul Just Endorsed THIS Candidate, Millions Are Angry

Rand Paul has demonstrated he is a voice of the people and is supremely interested in representing his home state of Kentucky. Much like his father, he has also had solid leadership skills throughout his political career. He has just announced his endorsement of a candidate, and it might surprise you.

When asked whether he would support Donald Trump or go over to the dark side and support Hillary, he simply replied via Archive, “I’ve always supported the Republican nominee [Donald Trump].” Luckily for the American people, he is not even considering Hillary at all.

“She’s gonna put coal miners out of business,” Rand Paul said of Hillary Clinton. Paul is very cognizant of the fact that Kentucky, like the rest of the nation, has lost a countless amount of jobs.

“I think they’re rotten at the core,” Paul said of the Clintons. “I think they’re dishonest people.”

Paul’s announcement he will support Donald Trump as the presumptive nominee is an about-face from his earlier positions when he was running against him, but Rand is a very smart man. Before entering into politics, he was a physician.

So, even he can see the writing on the wall. When it comes to Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump is light years ahead of her.

Paul understands we need to bring jobs back to America, and Hillary is not going to do that.

This is a refreshing position compared to the stubborn pride of the Koch brothers and other establishment politicians on the Hill. Trump 2016! Let’s make America Great Again!

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