Senator Sessions Issues CHILLING Alert After Terror Attack… “We Have To Be More Vigilant”

Forty-nine were killed in the worst American terror attack since 9/11 this Sunday. An Islamic terrorist, allegedly connected with the Islamic State group, shot up a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama thinks that this isn’t the only attack that’s going to happen if the Islamic State group isn’t dealt with. He thinks that this is just the beginning, and that more attacks are coming if American intelligence agencies don’t follow through on investigating Islamic terrorist activities.

In an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Sessions said the United States needs to come to terms with the fact that there is an element within Islam that wants to see violence done to America.

“There’s just within the wonderful group of Islamic people a certain group of radicals, and it’s been there for a long time, and it seems to be growing and we have to accept that fact,” Sessions said.

Sessions went on to say that 570 terror suspects have been either convicted, charged, or implicated in terrorism cases since 9/11.

“And it’s not stopping, as we see, apparently, today,” he said.

“More of these attacks are coming. It’s a real part of the threat that we face, and if we can’t address it openly and directly, and say directly that there is an extremist element within Islam, that’s dangerous to the world and has to be confronted.

“I wish it weren’t so,” Sessions continued. “I wish there were some easy solution, but there’s not. We have to be more vigilant.”

He added that Donald Trump would “defeat the radical extremists around the world.”

“We need to be careful about how many people we bring in and be sure we can vet them properly before [we] admit them to the United States,” he said.

Will Donald Trump defeat radical extremists around the world? We don’t know, but we do know one thing for sure: Hillary Clinton won’t. She’s signed on to the same defeatist immigration strategy that Obama used.

H/T The Hill

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