Sheriff Clarke: Hillary and Obama are Fueling the ‘War on Cops’

There will be those who either applaud the murder of five police officers in Texas yesterday, or they will try to use it for political gain. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark, a black Democrat sheriff, does not mince words when speaking about law breakers of any political stripe, or about politicians who are willing to use any tragedy or disaster to push their agenda.

He is no fan of either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Obama entered office with the promise of being a great unifier, and a symbol the racial divide in the nation was a thing of the past. In fact, he has aggressively taken sides with African Americans breaking the law, and against police forces throughout the nation who are on the line trying to keep the peace. He has set race relations back by decades.

“The Commander-in-Chief opens his mouth and sticks his foot in it… exploiting things that don’t exist,” he told Fox News Friday. “…He didn’t cause this, but you know what, he fuels this sort of anger, this ‘misplaced anger’ about things going on that were thousands of miles away.”

“The [shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota] didn’t happen anywhere near Dallas.”

And Hillary Clinton acted no differently, Sheriff Clarke added.

“We’ve heard from Mrs. Bill Clinton who threw up the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter yesterday and exploited the situation – two situations, one in Louisiana and the other in Minnesota,” he continued. “…[And] President Obama, it’s kinda interesting he said ‘the facts aren’t in’ [because] he’s usually popping off at the mouth before he’s been briefed or before he knows any of the facts, like he did yesterday without any foundation.”

“He talked about racism, disparate treatment, people of color… all this nonsense [accusations before the facts] like I said. He’s armed with powerful words and he uses those words irresponsibly to fuel this sort of anger toward the American police officer and I wish he’d just knock it off.”

There are a number of political pundits that have accused Obama and his then head of the Justice Department Eric Holder for demonizing police and pushing a racist agenda for one simple reason… to destroy the trust the public has in their local law enforcement so that the Obama administration can nationalize local police departments, in essence creating a vast federal military organization, under the direction of the administration. And he is fueling the anger and distrust by calling for a war on cops. It is cynical and evil, but the evidence keeps mounting.

In the meantime, in the instances where the violence is committed by a radical Muslim or other raging nutjobs, the Obama administration, and Hillary Clinton, never focus on the the responsible parties. Instead, the focus always reverts to gun control and the need to ban guns, or ban ammo, or make it impossible to buy a gun, or to exclude various types of guns or segments of society who would like to own a gun.

Perhaps it is a sign of the times that individuals are excused from responsibility, and the inanimate object is seen as the actual cause of the harm. It is illogical, but the Left keeps repeating the same message, because they know that they are gradually chipping away at our 2nd Amendment rights without actually having to justify what they are doing. It is certain, however, that in the next week or two the news will be full of Democrat hacks calling for more control and gun limits because of the massacre in Texas. Obama will never blame himself or the black lobby that is calling for violence against cops and the public, but he will insist that more gun control is the answer.

Fortunately, there are patriots like Sheriff Clark, and we can only hope that he and others like him will prevail.

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