Sheriff Clarke SLAMS Obama After Dallas Cop Assassination… “Get Out Of…”

A few hours after shooters in down Dallas opened fire on police after an anti-cop protest being led by Black Lives Matter movement protesters, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke took to Twitter to blast President Barack Obama.

“American needs Obama to get out of bed & address Dallas situation NOW,” Sheriff Clarke tweeted. “He poured gas on this situation with his dog whistle message earlier.”

The mention of dog whistles was in reference to what Obama said Thursday from Poland, when he cherry-picked a couple of “facts” about black arrests and incarceration rates to portray cops as racist savages who maliciously target blacks.

“So, you know, when people say black lives matter, that doesn’t mean blue lives don’t matter,” he said, according to Time magazine. “It just means all lives matter, but right now, the big concern is the fact that the data shows black folks are more vulnerable to these kinds of incidents.”

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