Sheriffs Across The Nation Urge Americans To Arm Themselves

Sheriffs across the nation are calling on citizens to arm themselves. In New York, directly after the San Bernardino shooting, Sheriff David Cole requested that concealed permit holders would keep their guns on them at all time, to protect the public against terrorism. He called on retired and active law enforcement to remain armed when they leave their homes.

Steuben County Police Academy, Cole said is offering classes for citizens to learn safe and proficient firearms and self-defense techniques, as well as to become knowledgeable to the state laws regarding carrying a weapon. He is encouraging his constituents to be prepared for possible “life-or-death situations.”

Similar requests have been made in other states after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, from Boon County Kentucky, to Ulster County New York, and south to Florida. In Texas, Sheriff Randy Kennedy appealed to residents, “So, I strongly encourage you to help me by arming yourselves because I know that we as law enforcement do the very best we can to protect our citizens and we do a good job.”

Sheriff Kennedy had much to say about gun rights and addressed Obama in a video commentary on Facebook.

Sheriffs across this beautiful nation are encouraging citizens to arm themselves to protect against terrorism.  One Sheriff in Texas went beyond this encouragement and directly address Obama after his Oval Office Address following the massacre in California.

Hughes Springs County Sheriff Randy Kennedy spoke with poignant eloquence to the President.

“Now, Mr. Obama, you need to understand what the Second Amendment is for. It is not for hunting. It is there for the American people to protect themselves against the criminal elements, to protect themselves from terrorists and radical ideology and it’s also there to protect us against the government that has over reached its power.

“You are not our potentate, sir. You are our servant to serve and protect us first, and I suggest sir, since you’re a constitutional expert that you better review our history on the Constitution and understand that we are a free people and we are subject to no one other than the Almighty God and Jesus Christ the King.

“And as such sir, I strongly encourage you to trust the law-abiding American citizen because you won’t fail in that and we won’t let you down.

“But if you try to disarm us, sir, then you will cause a revolution in this country to occur. So, please revise your thinking because we are not your enemy, the law-abiding gun owner in this country.”

Has your Sheriff stepped up as these men have?  Are they encouraging their residents to take seriously their 2nd Amendment rights?

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