SHE’S NUTS! Now Hillary Campaign Saying She Lost Because White Women Are…

Are women just self-loathing mindless creatures? Hillary Clinton’s communications director, Jess McIntosh, seems to think so.

The Liberals are out en masse trying to cast blame for Hillary loss to Donald Trump on anyone else but the candidate. Apparently, “internalized misogyny” and all white women, even the college educated ones, are afflicted with it – and that’s why Clinton loss the female vote.

“Internalized misogyny is a real thing, and this is a thing we have to be talking about,” Jess McIntosh told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. The “All In” host had just finished pointing out women of color voted for Hillary Clinton at about the same rate as they have always come out for male Democrats.

“We as a society react poorly to women seeking positions with power,” Jess McIntosh continued.“We feel uncomfortable with that and then we seek to justify that uncomfortable feeling.”

It was not Hillary’s fault women didn’t vote for her, it was due to this internalized misogyny and the failure of Democrats to reach out to women, the Clinton staffer continued. Passing the buck is not a very attractive quality in either men or women.

Women have been in positions of power for at least several decades. There are many women in both Congress and at the head of successful companies. But, in Hillary’s case, she is part of the problem, and people simply realized that.

“We’ll figure out exactly what happened with turnout,” McIntosh said. She then added Democrats will be paying particular attention to why “white college-educated women” were turned off by Hillary Clinton.

Well, Jess, as a white college educated woman, I can boil it down for you rather quickly. I am a patriot, I loathe career politicians, especially corrupt ones, cherish the Constitution, and believe in the vision of the Founding Fathers.

“But we have work to do talking to those women about what happened this year, and why, why, why we would vote against our self-interests,” Hillary’s communication director whined during the same interview. We do not vote against ourselves, I and my white college-educated girlfriends vote for lots of female candidates – we just turned out noses up at the one you put on the presidential ballot.

America did not reject a female president. We simply said no to Hillary Clinton.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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