SHOCK: Anti-Trump Protesters Real Identities Revealed When Online Form Leaks

Aah, Craigslist. Where else can you find a perfect condition, low-mileage AMC Pacer, a couch with several taco stains and women who will “go out” with you if you give them 500 “reasons,” all in the same place?

And hey, if that’s not your fancy, there’s always other stuff you could shop for. Like, for instance, violent, hard-left protesters to intimidate Donald Trump supporters.

Protesters, you say? I know, I didn’t know I could shop for that, either.

But check out this ad:

“To Whom it May Concern: We will pay $15.00 an hour plus travel (including room and board), clothing, flags, signs, etc. for individuals willing to disrupt Trump rallies throughout the US,” the ad read. “If interested, please leave your name and a contact number.”

Wow. That puts a pretty literal spin on the “fight for $15.”

It’s long been suspected that anti-Trump riots have been more AstroTurfed than the field at the Superdome, but what’s strange is that almost no media investigation has been done on these posts, which are hiding in plain sight.

Instead, the media has been covering the anti-Trump riots as spontaneous protests with no outside interference.

This is proof that the media has no interest at all in investigating anything that goes against their precious narrative.

If this were a Republican candidate, it would be the greatest campaign scandal since Gary Hart. However, since these protesters are being funded by immigration groups and liberal organizations with loose ties to the Sanders campaign, there is a shroud of silence from the media surrounding the real genesis of these “protests.”

Sadly, as last week’s events in San Jose proved, there are real repercussions for this violence. There could be people who die or are seriously injured because of this liberal lunacy.

It’s time for the media to do its job and investigate this fascist thuggery, before it’s too late.

H/T The Right Scoop

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